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About me

Who am I?

I speak Spreadsheet and go straight to the point

My name is Anna Cichy. I’m Poland-based Interaction Designer fascinated by IOT and autonomous technologies. I combine creativity and analytics to make everyday interactions with digital products more intuitive. I have marketing background and experience gained while working in startups and agencies.

I focus on understanding peoples’ behavior patterns and translate them to the language of technology. My personal motto is the simpler the better as long as a deep research stands behind it. I believe that a solution is better than a hug.

What I do?

UX Research, Interaction Design, UI from time to time

UX Research is collecting insights from current and potential users of our products and services using various methods including interviews, focus groups, contextual inquiries, diary studies, card sorting, usability testing etc.

UX Research aims to discover users’ habits, expectations, needs and requirements in order to validate project team’s assumptions and reduce the cost of delivering a successful product.

Interaction Design gives life to the products and make digital solutions feel more familiar, intuitive and user-firendly.

Good interaction design builds bridges between people and technologies. It helps users to get used to the new virtual services, as well as increases the probability that revolutionary solutions will be well receipt and successful.

It’s a place for all the people interested in interactions between humans and computers. You don’t have to be a designer to find something for you in here. Frankly speaking, when you’re not a designer it’s even more fun.